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there are few adornments that can make me feel more like my most badass self than these chain harnesses. these heavy duty beauties fit like a holster, and the super sexy drape hugs the body and accentuates curves. each one a unique combination of upcycled mixed metal components given new life. rough and tough and built to last, these are not dainty adornments that need to be handled delicately. made from high quality chain and components, they can stand up to endless nights of furious dancing and shenanigans. because they fit the body so closely, they stay put during movement, and don't impede your ability to dance with flow toys or other human beings.

made from thick chains and upcycled chain belts, these pieces have a distinct weight to them that really feels like something when you put them on.
safety...courage...these are all words that customers have reflected back to me about what it feels like to wear these adornments. medicine in wearable form...armour for the spirit.

this one features my signature heart chain with mixed silvertone chains.

each of these pieces can fit a variety of body types, but please take your own measurements before purchasing to ensure the best fit.

bust :: can fit up to 36"
waist :: can fit up to 32"

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