morgen love is a new york-bred/oakland-based
queer artist, performer, and activist. 
a style revolutionary whose work spans many mediums, she is known in the art underground for her distinct personal style, expressive embodied dance, animated playfulness, and her deep affection for R&B and creepy toys. she is also a founding member of urban grotesque burlesque ensemble Freaks En Flique, a predominantly queer, woman-centric, and gender fluid group of dancer clowns known for their mind-bending union of sexy and slapstick, and performances that emphasize the subversive through the colorful lens of
comedy and mischeif. in addition to her design work and performance, morgen is also an inspired writer whose

voice is gaining recognition for its poetic balance
of rawness, humor, and grace. 



dutchess is a creative tour-de-force rooted in the
celebration of individuality. rejecting limited narratives about beauty, gender, and human sexuality, dutchess aims to make space for all people to claim power through self-expression. dutchess's editorial work defies genres, weaving together fashion photography, fine art, and portraiture, and captures rich stylistic landscapes as well as the unique essence of its subjects, who are most often fellow multi-dimensional artists and counterculture icons. by blending the values, swagger, and weirdness of the underground with high end visual presentation that is accessible to the mainstream, dutchess aims to bring medicine to the masses by making more space for individual expression, and advocating for changing climates around body and beauty diversity in fashion imagery. in addition to fashion styling, dutchess offers 1-on-1 therapeutic style coaching, creative direction for photo and video, and a line of handmade clothing and jewelry.   

upper photo :: alyssa keys
lower photo :: michael mae
dutchess logo design :: rachel mandala


BFA in Fashion Design, Pratt Institute

focus in costume design, leatherwork, cultural studies, and general trouble-making

200hr Certified PranaFlow™Instructor, Shiva Rea's Samudra School of Living Yoga

400+ hours of training in embodied movement and living Tantra

Life's School of Hard Knocks

focus in shadow work, trauma survival, radical vulnerability, art therapy,
bisexuality, alternative relationship structures, and learning from my mistakes.
while all of my education has been valuable, this has by far been
the most transformative.

Business Owner / B.A.B :: 2010 - Present

for the past 6 years, i've been an independent artisan and business owner,
wearing the hats of designer (of handmade clothing, jewelry, and accessories),
creative director, stylist, patternmaker, graphic designer, makeup artist, event
producer, performer, movement facilitator, and general all around boss. 

Artist for Hire :: Pre-2010

in the past i've worked for other businesses and companies as a creative
director, visual merchandiser, graphic designer, patternmaker, samplemaker,
event promoter, vintage buyer, yoga instructor, and leather accessory fabricator.