PACKAGE :: wardrobe overhaul bundle

HER STYLE IN 3 WORDS :: eclectic, comfortable, sexy

WARDROBE GOALS :: streamline and massively scale down entire wardrobe, clear out closet/dresser clutter and create a system
for continued organization, nourish self-confidence by developing a personal style that is expressive, comfortable, and sexy, learn
new ways to combine color, pattern, texture, and accessories, and create outfits that can easily dress up/down to transition from
workplace, to weekend brunch, to cocktails, to the club

Cassandra came to me with a project that is near and dear to my heart - to help her declutter her over-packed closet and let go of lots of
pieces she had been hanging onto but never wearing, and help her hone in on a personal style that supported her in feeling simultaneously
comfortable and sexy in her clothes. she had an amazing wardrobe, but had a too many options and too little space, and often found
herself overwhelmed at the task of personal styling. our time together yielded a beautifully-organized closet [pictured in the mood
board above] that featured all of her select pieces, an organization system for her dressers, 11 garbage bags of clothing to
donate, and tons of interchangeable outfit options, that, with the switch of just one or two garments, could
transition directly from stylish silicon valley tastemaker to fiercely fly dancehall diva.



PACKAGE :: Closet Remix

HER STYLE IN 3 WORDS :: grounded, comfortable, ritual

WARDROBE GOALS :: streamline current wardrobe into a small interchangeable group of meaningful pieces that truly represent
her essence and lifestyle, learn to create and accentuate more shape when choosing outfits, make a list of supplemental clothing and
jewelry pieces to purchase to complete current wardrobe collection, and get suggestions about where to source consciously-crafted pieces

Vyana, a dear friend, gifted healer, and self-proclaimed "tent-wearer" came to me with the desire to refine her personal style by streamlining
her closet to include only pieces that were special, meaningful, and versatile, and that reflected her values of wild beauty, comfort, and sustainability.
she wanted to keep her layered look, but to learn how to simultaneously accentuate and feature certain parts of the body. our time together yielded
a diverse and highly interchangeable group of garments, that all worked together to create lots of different looks for everything from casual
everyday outfits to ritualwear, a list of pieces to source to complete her current wardrobe collection, and a customized sourcelist in line
with her desire to support independently-operated businesses and artisans who produce their goods sustainably.